ARRA articles module for Joomla! 2.5

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ARRA Articles module k2 support
Monday, 30 April  |
This is a sample of module based on K2 items. When you copy an already created module and start to create a K2 one, please first delete any Item ID's that are in place from original module. Then, just click on Select Items link and…
K2 Item for testing purpose
Monday, 30 April  |
This is another K2 item for testing purpose. On each module you can choose from 8 layouts and you can also choose how many columns to show in front. If you choose one column and have two articles, then you will have also two rows. If…

ARRA Articles EasyBlog module type

Tuesday, 1 May  |
This is just Layout 7 test on Easy Blog component.
Monday, 30 April  |
Thank you for making the right decision to start blogging in your Joomla! website.  
Monday, 30 April  |
This is only for tests.
Monday, 30 April  |
Another EasyBlog article for testing

Images sample module

  • 3 series
  • 6 series coupe
  • malibu
  • dart
  • acura rdx